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Supply Chain Solutions 

Astra-CFX SC, LLC dedicates itself to providing integrated supply chain solutions to the manufacturing world. Astra-CFX invested $9 million into the planning and implementation of a warehouse and assembly operation at its new facility in Greer, SC

Houston Johnson Sequences
logistic services

Houston-Johnson provides logistic services to the largest automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 supplier. These services include sequencing, modular assembly, kitting and rework operations with automotive suppliers and consumer products. 

Algaewheel Technology
Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Effective wastewater treatment protects the environment, human health and freshwater supplies. Further, it can provide a renewable freshwater supply and recover valuable natural resources.

Ecological Solutions

30 years’ experience in desertification control  “World Dryland Champion”. The world’s No.1 company in term of an area of the desert under desertification control

Elite Furnishing Solutions
Furnishing Projects

Since 2017, EFS worked with Keenovan in China and built it as its exclusive operation team to handle Asia affairs for furniture and interior design, engineering works and supply-chain management, so as to provide the best solutions and services to clients.

Project: Darat Al Hada
Real Estate Development

located in, Riyadh, KSA with a total land area of more than 40000 m2. consists of 98 residential units with different designs and sizes. 

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