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Affiliation with Chinese and international reach is an international, professional and dynamic Private Equity (PE) partnership group based in Hong Kong and China with seed investment from its Chinese anchor investors. With the seed investment from Chinese leadership anchor investors and with Chinese capital in hand, it has been backed by Chinese banks, Sinosure, sovereign funds, and Chinese investors and our strategic private sector partners. 

It is the leader focusing on the top governmental leadership networking, funding, financing, execution, and completion of the government-to-government projects
The Group is dedicated to working with its Chinese contractors and partners to undertake Government-to-Government projects, i.e. industrial plant projects, highway and bridge constructions, school and public housing, hospitals, airport expansion projects, oil and gas exploration, refineries, oil and natural gas pipeline construction, water purification plants, high-speed rails, powerplants, nuclear power station, and hydro power projects. 

MAYEER has an affiliation with a leading international economic research and practice consulting group based in the Middle East with offices in the UK and US.  Its primary clients include the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UK Government, US Government, European Union, Asian and African Development Banks, OECD, U.A.E. Government, and United Nations system. They have led national economic transformation programs including the design of US$ 28 billion US Government New Silk Road, design of the proposed US$ 100 billion Marshall Plan for the MENA region, economic transformation and diversifications plans, or multiple countries, as well as country macro-economic, fiscal and budget work. The key area of focus include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Macro-economic, fiscal and monetary analysis;

  • Economic growth diagnostics;

  • Trade futures;

  • Employment and jobs creation;

  • Infrastructure and energy connectivity;

  • Regional economic integration;

  • Economic and social cost benefit analysis;

  • Sector based development;

  • Research and development.

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